why work with me?

You should work with me if you want data-backed copy guaranteed to give you results.

If you know anything about the field of copywriting, it’s that there’s no standard way to determine a copywriter’s expertise. Being a marketing copywriter doesn’t require a degree or certification so it’s often easy for many copywriters to get away with random guesswork.

So let me tell you what I do differently:

  • I know what I’m doing. I’ve been writing professionally since 2011 and have invested in numerous courses and books about copywriting over the years. Add my actual copywriting experience and you have someone who both has theoretical and experiential knowledge on what kind of copy works and sells.
  • I never stop learning. In the ever-changing field of marketing, you’ll get left out if you’re complacent with what you know. That’s why I make sure I’m always informed and on the lookout for different ways I can improve so my skill set never gets outdated.
  • I use data-backed psych concepts. I’m a firm believer that it’s wise to learn from your mistakes. But you know what’s wiser? Learning from the mistakes of others.

    Life is just too short to be committing all the business mistakes you could possibly make. That’s why to make sure that your copy delivers actual results upon going live, it has to be founded on proven data that others have already tested or researched.

  • I don’t limit myself to just writing based on data. Using data in copywriting is just one aspect of the bigger picture. After all, there’s not enough data out there to cover every possible topic you need in your copy.

    It should be used to support your copy but it should never be the main draw. The gist of an effective copy still lies in its ability to evoke the right emotions from others which is what will compel people to buy from you.

  • I only accept a limited number of clients. I take no more than four clients in a month to ensure I can give each project my utmost effort and attention. Anything that goes over that is scheduled weeks or months down the line.
  • I promise realistic goals. I don’t promise six-figure profit jumps if you’re previously only making $9,000 at most. I believe that to provide the kind of improvement that lasts, slow and steady is the way to go.

    Skipping a couple of steps might get you there faster but it won’t always mean you’ll be there for long so let’s take the long, sure path, shall we?

  • I actually give a damn. When you succeed, I succeed. It’s hard to help someone succeed if you don’t care about your work or the business you’re working with.
  • I only accept projects I’m confident I can do. I’m not interested in taking your project unless I’m 100% sure that I can give you a return on your investment. This is why I’m selective on who I work with.

who i love working with

Let me return the favor for you! I’ll love working with you if…

  • You give me a chance to do my thing. I can’t work with what I have if you always insist on being right and doing things your way. That would be like getting a cat and deciding to do all the meowing yourself. The last thing I want is for you to pay me to do nothing.
  • You make yourself available to answer questions. I love working independently but there will always be times where I might need to clarify a thing or two.

    When you make yourself available, chances are, I’ll be able to get it right the first time so there’s absolutely no need to fix things later (which both saves us time in the process).

  • You pay on time for the most part. I love a client who honors the payment terms we’ve agreed on. I know stuff happens and there really are cases when delays can’t be avoided. I can understand that especially if it’s something that rarely ever occurs. 

I believe that success is a process.

I research and write.

I then deliver copy that will allow your business to achieve more.

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