What is an Email Copywriter and How to Hire The Right One

PUBLISHED 19 Feb. 2019 | UPDATED 30 Jan. 2022

If you so much as look at any job marketplace online, you might’ve probably noticed that there are no shortage of copywriters out there.

And for a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners, having to weed out the right email copywriter among a list of 10-50 applications on Upwork makes them ask themselves…

“Do I really want to do this?”

But for others, it’s mostly a case of, “Why do I need a copywriter?”

They just don’t know what copywriters do or what they could even do for them in the first place.

All of these are understandable sentiments.

If I don’t know what to look for in a copywriter or don’t know why I should hire one, I’d probably be less enthusiastic about the thought  of hiring one too.

Is this the case for you as well?

Well, if you’re at a loss on what a copywriter is and what to look for, below are some information that could help you!

What is a Copywriter and When Should You Hire One?

When I started out and told people what I do, I often get asked: “What do you actually do?”

Any business that has employed marketing or advertising strategies that worked knows the value of good copy.

You need to hire a copywriter if you want to urge your customers to make a specific action. Whether you want them to purchase a product from you or subscribe to your email list, you’ll need kick-ass copy to succeed.

Most marketing campaigns for new products or services will always need words.

After all, how else will your customers be able to know what your ad or product is about?

And that’s what a copywriter is for.

Hire a copywriter if you want to make sure you’re putting your business in the best light.

After all, it’s easy enough to judge content online when all you see are poorly constructed sentences. But behind the scenes, the bootstrapped founder could’ve spent 60 hours that week to make sure his site was up and running by the end of the week…

The thing is, it’s hard to convey how good your product is when you don’t KNOW how to string the right words…

Or if you CAN’T accurately explain why your product is different.

That’s why for me, business commitment also comes in the form of investing in your brand’s message.

In today’s online space where new businesses sprout at every turn of the mouse, it can be hard to differentiate most businesses from each other…

So if you have the same concerns, hiring a copywriter might just be in order for you!

“Any business that has employed marketing or advertising strategies that worked knows the value of good copy.”

Writing Shouldn’t Be a Criteria—It Should Be a Given

Would you hire a chef who can’t cook? Or a driver who can’t drive?

Of course, you probably wouldn’t.

The same thing applies when you’re hiring a writer…

It’s a bare minimum so you shouldn’t settle just for that!

Don’t just pick someone who can write, pick someone who knows how to make people take action


Almost anybody who’s literate in today’s world can write. And if you’re going to judge by the global literacy rate, that’s as much as 86.3% of the world population for people aged 15 and above. 

That’s a whole lot of options if you ask me. So going by the criterion, “must be able to write,” isn’t really necessary. It should be a given.

If you need a copywriter, chances are, you need to achieve a specific goal.

Maybe you want to increase your brand’s awareness…

OR you just want to differentiate your message from your competitors who are all parroting the same thing.

Whatever it is, hire a copywriter because you need someone who can persuade people into action. 

A better criterion would be to hire someone who knows how to persuade using words.

Copywriting is all about THE business of selling.

It’s only right to expect someone who can influence your audience toward your business goal at the very least.

This particular skill won’t just pave the way for a better bottom line, but it can also create a difference in how your brand is viewed by your audience.

And that’s what makes copywriting so powerful.

Hire Someone Who Knows How to Write Effective Email Copy

Any copywriter worth his or her salt should be able to differentiate content from copy.

It would be hard to do this if you hired someone who has no experience or knowledge of what email copywriting is all about.

She has to know what persuasive and relevant email copy looks like in order to be able to help you achieve the same. 

But more than the knowledge and expertise part, the right copywriter should be able to write emails that people open, read, and click.

All of these aspects contribute to a successful email marketing campaign.

Hire Someone Who Can Grab Attention in All the Right Ways

Website content draws the potential customer to your website.

And all it takes just a few clicks away to go from your website to your competitor’s…

That’s why it’s important to have copy that draw in your prospects to keep their attention enough.

However, this requires a deep understanding of your target market so their needs and issues can be addressed.

You may have the best products or services in the market but if the benefits aren’t conveyed clearly then you’re throwing away your chances of connecting to your customers.

Hire Someone Who Knows How to Establish Good Customer Relationships

Hiring an email copywriter isn’t just all about basing on expertise. It’s about having the soft skills to form a good professional relationship as well.

Daniel Kahneman, an esteemed psych researcher, states that 85% of financial success is often because of personality and communication skills, to name just a few.

He also found that people would rather choose to do business with someone they found likable and trustworthy…

Even if another person is offering a superior product at a lower cost.

Those are some powerful insights right there.

After all, it’s hard to work with someone who’s difficult to deal with no matter how good they are.

Could YOU? I personally can’t.

I would gladly choose the trade-off and call it a day. Hey, at least I was able to keep my sanity.

For the shortsighted pros out there (not just in the copywriting field), it’s easy to treat clients badly knowing there’s always going to be a next one.

But what they’re missing here is the bigger picture…

Words travel and they could find themselves scrambling to nab a client next time.

So don’t just settle for substandard work and partner only with those who have respect for you as well.

Hire Someone Who Knows How to Get the Job Done

A copywriter’s main job is to help you ACHIEVE the marketing results you’re aiming for.

Although, it can be hard to gauge the capacity for providing real-world outcome, you could always ask them to back up their claims…

Or better yet, ask for references or previous proof of what they’ve managed to achieve.

Also ask for links to past projects and make sure to look at their samples and portfolio.

This way, you’ll have an idea if their writing style fits what you’re gunning for.

If they have a well-founded track record, they won’t evade your questions. They’ll also readily show you what accomplishments they’ve managed to rack up so you know their value.

Still not convinced but want to give it a shot?

Start with a small project first that would better show you their skills and proficiency.

As it is, anyone can talk a big game these days. But with a few, in-depth questions, you’ll most likely know who’s being sincere and who’s not.

What to Look For When Hiring For A Specific Need

Every business has a different need. If you need a specific type of content done, here are some skill suggestions on what to look for!

When You Need Optimized Content

Having SEO as a skill is very important if you want to make sure your content has a fighting chance of being found by Google.

Assessing a copywriter’s SEO skills consists of asking about his knowledge and expertise. Probe how familiar they are with keyword research, optimization, and keyword usage, to name just a few.

Remember that a copywriter must be proactive enough to get updated with Google’s newest algorithm changes. This ensures that what they’re doing is current with the latest best practices.

When You Need Flexibility and Efficiency

If you have a project with a strict deadline and uncertain specs, you might need to hire someone who’s flexible and efficient.

In business, delays often mean you’re losing money.

That’s why it’s important to hire someone who can deliver your project in the timeline you’ve envisioned. 

For this, you don’t just look at their capacity to be efficient but also in how they handle pressure.

Be transparent in what you require and let them know from the get-go if they can work on a short deadline while delivering a quality output.

This way, your copywriter can tell you from the start whether your expectations are actually doable or not.

When You Need Someone Who Can Follow Instructions 

There are undoubtedly projects, that need to abide by specifications—to a T. This is pretty common for copywriting projects that aren’t standalone ones and fits into the overall marketing strategy of your business.

For instance, a copy that needs to be brand-oriented must be aligned with the company’s tone and voice.

It’s essential to know how a copywriter plans to approach a project so you’ll know if it’s a good fit for what you’re looking for. Make your requirements as clear as possible even before you start to make sure both parties are on the same page.

Give your suggestions or recommendations and see what they think about it.

Remember that there should always be an understanding between you and your copywriter. It’s definitely a basic requirement for a successful project completion.

When You Need a Specific Type of Copy (e.g. Advertising)

Knowing the type of copy you require will help you determine what kind of copywriter to search for.

For example, you need someone who can write your web advertising materials. You might want to hire someone who already has a proven track record for writing FB or Google ads.

Although many copywriters are flexible in their craft and know how to make other kinds of content, it’s worth discussing whether what you require is something they can do.

For example, you might need someone who’s a dedicated email pro to help you boost your email open rates. One of the copywriters you’re considering tells you they can write emails but the question is, can they do it exceptionally well?

Knowing how to do something is different from knowing how to do it well.

When you keep this in mind, you’ll know which kind of copywriter to hire for every project.

Hire an In-House or Freelance or Copywriter?

If your copy needs are regular and you have the budget for it, I say, hire your very own in-house copywriter.

But if you only need a couple of one-off jobs then hiring a freelance copywriter is a better decision.

The Definition of a Qualified Copywriter

If you’re pretty serious about your business, having a qualified copywriter in your team can help make your project a success.

All you have to do is make sure that they’re a good fit for what you need.

Remarkable copywriting takes skills and experience. But it requires good sense to be able to harness that kind of expertise to the best of your advantage.

You gain a competitive advantage once you have a good copywriter.

Sales increase due to their work so as the money inside your business increases.