You want first-rate copy that produces results then make sure you’re ready to invest for it too.

Before deciding based on price alone, here’s what you need to know.

As with anything, you get what you pay for.

It’s time to stop chasing dirt cheap copy and give your business the quality it deserves!

Most of my clients have already been burned badly by “affordable copywriting.”

In fact, I’ve worked with several clients who have wasted time and thousands of dollars jumping from one writer to the next—trying to make their copy work.

What we could glean from here is that cheap copywriting is always the most expensive.

Cut-rate copy is like buying a year 2000 model car at $250 and expecting it to win races for you. Sure, it’ll save you money but it’ll probably break down mid-track—for every race you’ll be joining.

Aside from having to own a dodgy-performing car, you now have to pay someone to fix it every time it breaks down.

Copywriting Fees

  • Website Copywriting – Starts at $200 per page
  • Email Copywriting – Starts at $70 per email
  • Brand Story Copywriting – Starts at $250
  • Facebook Ad Copywriting – Starts at $75 per ad
  • Sales Page Copywriting – Starts at $1,000
  • Squeeze Page/Opt-in Form Copy – Starts at $150

Packages and Other Services

If you’re looking for copywriting packages or other writing services that allow you to save without compromising quality, you can check out my copywriting services page!

Payment Rules

Before starting any project, I require a 50% advance and the rest is payable once the project is completed.

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