Emails I’ve Written


Pulp & Press Valentine's Day Sale

The goal was to position Pulp & Press’ products as the perfect Valentine’s gift and a better alternative to gifting the usual chocolates.

We did this by providing a 50% off on any 2 cleanses which they can avail using the code included in the email.

We also included a 6-pack offer that was only available for a limited time during February.

The result? A 19.24% increase in sales for their 2022 Valentine’s  day sale compared to last year’s.  


Teacup New Tool Introduction

Wrote this email as part of Teacup’s manual campaign for Dec. 2020. The subject line used a benefit-driven line titled “To bigger things ahead” This email had an open rate of 43.2% and a clickthrough rate of  35.7%—both of which are higher than their average CTR and open rate.


Danner Product Launch Email

Wrote Danner’s product launch email for their new line of hiking shoes. The email introduces what sets it apart and the email series for the launch performed 11.5% better than their previously launched shoes.


Fortress of Inca - Branding Message

Fortress of Inca is an e-commerce store that previously had a nondescript message which didn’t give site visitors a clear reason why they’re different from their competitors. I was tasked to revamp their copy by showcasing a brand message that sets them apart based on their core business values.

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