past works


The Paige Studio - Website Copywriting

The goal was to make the homepage for The Paige Studio more benefit-driven. This means having a headline that perfectly encapsulates their main benefit—phrased using a specific turnaround time (2 weeks) as well as a unique button text copy (Ohhh, tell me more!).

The result? A 31.24% increase in inquiries from their previous copy.  


Teacup - Email Copywriting

Wrote this email as part of Teacup’s welcome email series. The subject line used a benefit-driven line titled “To bigger things ahead” This email had an open rate of 43.2% and a clickthrough rate of  35.7%—both of which are higher than their average CTR and open rate.


Landing Page - Dosh

Wrote a landing page for Dosh’ free cash back app. The landing page introduces how you can use the app and what its top benefits are. It was able to net more than 1 million downloads as of early 2019.


Fortress of Inca - Branding Message

Fortress of Inca is an e-commerce store that previously had a nondescript message which didn’t give site visitors a clear reason why they’re different from their competitors. I was tasked to revamp their copy by showcasing a brand message that sets them apart based on their core business values.

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