About Me


I help startups, small businesses, and online brands convey what they stand for and why they’re the only choice for their potential customers through compelling, personality-filled sales copy.

The outcome is an authentic branding message that feels right and gets you more sales from your dream customers!

How TCP Came to Be

Having taken both Creative Literature and Psychology programs in college—I was at a crossroad after graduating.

Do I pursue a career as a writer or as a psychologist?

For a time, I dabbled with just doing either of the two…

I did a few writing gigs here and there while applying for a psych internship.

The whole time I thought was fulfilling my passion for both but I felt like I was still missing something…

And then I discovered copywriting.

For the first time, I felt that I could put to use my love for both fields!

Copywriting allowed me to explore human thoughts and behavior while putting into writing all that I’ve learned.

And that’s when I learned that to write words that sell, you have to be able to know, at the very least, what makes people tick.

Otherwise, you risk writing copy that never quite hits the mark when it comes to connecting with your ideal customers.

After having applied this principle to multiple successful projects, it made me realize that when you keep your prospects in mind, you add more value to their lives and sell more products and services in the process! 

“I struggled to get my message across without seeming like a sleazy salesman. Got Jeanne on board and she transformed my site’s copy in a way that successfully set me apart. Happy with the results since I booked more clients than I ever did before!” – Clint Haynes, Financial Planner at Next-Gen Wealth

My Copywriting Process

Writing copy is more than just being able to write well. Achieving good results consistently requires a structured process that’s already proven to lead to standout results.

Research and Preparation Stage

I’m a firm believer that good writing isn’t about inspiration—it’s about preparation.

Excellent copy should be based on accurate information and this is something I do by asking questions and researching.

    Organization Stage

    After you’ve answered my list of questions, I will then organize the information I’ve gathered. This is a crucial process where I make sure to refrain from taking any shortcuts.

    It’s the stage where I formulate and get my best-selling ideas to include in your copy.

    Writing Stage

    Once I’ve figured out your product and target audience then it’s time to craft the copy.

    Using my research, I then write your copy to be an interesting, compelling or passionate piece—whatever my research shows that will work for your service or product.

    Review and Editing Stage

    To get the decisive results you’re looking for, I make sure that every word adds to the message. Anything that doesn’t is cut out and deleted ruthlessly.

    My goal here is singularly focused—to give you a tight copy that’s clear and to the point with every word pulling its own weight.

    What You Get

    The result? You get the kind of sales copy that breathes life into your brand.

    The important aspects of your business are captured and your why, how, and differentiating factor successfully shines through!

    Want a reliable copywriting process that is sure to deliver? 

    Conveying your brand’s most compelling message doesn’t have to be a struggle with me as your partner!