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Through copy that helps your business attract and grow customers for a profitable bottom line!

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About TCP

The Copy Psychologist is a sales copy clinic that helps brands, startups, and businesses set themselves apart with a powerful branding message that grabs attention.

The result? A personality-filled marketing message that resonates with your ideal customers and keeps them hooked to your brand!

If you don’t know what sets your business apart or why you’re the only choice for your target audience, let me help you…

  • Understand your audience so you know what would it take to win them over.
  • Infuse charisma to your brand message so you can get your voice heard even in a cluttered marketplace.
  • Ensure your copy doesn’t just sell but  inspires and charms the heck out of your audience so they turn into your loyal brand followers!

That’s why I use my background in psychology to equip me with the right strategies and techniques that gains you a powerful business advantage that edges out your competitors!

What I Do

Copywriting is an investment rather than a cost. It earns your money back—again and again. And this is something I make sure that my clients get from me.

For the services below, I only charge by the project and in return, you get exceptional value on your return on investment. 

Website Copywriting

Make your website your most effective online asset yet! Create an amazing impression with a unique message that resonates with your target audience so they become your loyal customers—for life!

Email Copywriting

Grow your mailing list using compelling copy that nurtures them and makes them feel like a part of your brand. The result? Higher open and click rates that others can only dream of!

Brand Story Copywriting

Have a well-crafted brand story that entices people to buy while making them care about your business! In no time, you’ll be raking in followers than you’d know what to do with!

Squeeze Pages and Opt-in Forms

Make sure your squeeze pages and opt-in compel your readers to give their emails. Let me write your lead collecting forms for a persuasive message that your audience won’t be able to resist!

SEO Copywriting and Keyword Research

Make sure your copy isn’t just compelling and valuable but also optimized for search engine visibility! By combining copywriting and SEO, you’ll get high-impact results that last!

Sales and Landing Page Copy

Transform your worn-out sales copy and get your visitors to sign up for your free offers! Let me craft your product or service a powerful copy that will lead to  increased sales!


“I’m always happy with the landing page work Jeanne does for me. So far I’ve had the best experience working with her out of all the copywriters I’ve worked with in the past.

It’s always just one try with her and everything always gets approved. Love that feeling getting my vision in one try without any re-dos or tweaks needed!”

Leow Tze Sheng

Marketing Director, WebHero

Jeanne has done a great job even without a lot of guidance from me. My project made a lot of progress with her at the helm and I’m no doubt very happy with the results we’ve achieved.

A glowing testimonial isn’t enough to convey my satisfaction with the all-around work she’s rendered for me. I wish her the best of luck and will definitely hire her for the next project I have!”

Chris Hawkins

Company CEO/Co-Founder, SignNow

Jeanne wrote copy for us that were exactly made for the criteria we’ve outlined. It was attention-grabbing, very high quality, informative, and innovative. Most of all, it helped us establish as a thought leader in our field!

Victoria Menshchikova

Director of Marketing, SVI Center





Have a product or service you want to sell?  

Tell me all about it below and I’ll help you craft the kind of copy that guarantees it gets noticed—no matter how saturated your market is!